Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Subway Sketchery


                        A big shout out to Bobby + Kei over at Imaginism studios...(check them out in the links) for introducing me to one of my now favorite pastimes.  I started doing this a few years ago, and it's really the only life drawing I do nowadays.  It's immeasurably educational...you learn so much about people, in addition to the fundamentals of proportion, form and character.

     I have about 10 sketchbooks full of these...it's great, there aren't 2 that are alike.  It's also my introductory course into caricaturing (a skill I have yet to master, though I'll get the hang of it someday).  Most people never notice I'm drawing them, I think it's important to make sure I don't make anyone feel awkward...after they're the ones who are doing me a favor, I should be considerate to their comfort level.  I learned some tricks though...choosing already occupied subjects (reading, talking, sleeping, etc),  using periferal vision to spy on people until their attention is elsewhere, using multiple subjects for 1 pose (someone else's  nose or mouth on the face).  The important thing is to keep your momentum, be polite and be considerate.

                           Having fun with composition....
                   Playing with pens!

                                                 And colour!

SUBWAY SKETCHING--do it everytime you're on the damn train.

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