Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sketching and Kvetching for all!

        The best way to get to know how I work/think is to go through the drawings in my sketchbook.  I'm rarely without one and to me it's like a diary.  I can look at the pen/pencil strokes of any sketch from any book of the past 10 years and tell immediately how and what I was feeling and thinking when I scribbled it down.  It's mirror-like sometimes.  I can see myself in my art and I'm often having a bad hair day.  Still, unshaven and cowlicked, here I am for the world to see, touch and taste.
      So, I'll be uploading 1 sketch every day or 2 with a little explanation to accompany it...I might drop in some paintings and animations if I get into a nice swing here.  Some days it'll be short and sweet, others will be long and ugly, but it'll all be me--hopefully they'll all be worth your time and patronage.

I figured the best thing to start with is a sketch of my good lady wife and I.

       Those of you who were cool enough to catch a wedding invite last year (you had 2 chances) got a look see at the caricatured brand/logo of our wedding.  This is one of the premature sketches I really liked, but decided to go with the more stylized one.  The rope we're holding on to represents one of the rituals in a traditional Filipino wedding...though it's supposed to be around our necks...but in a good eternal-bond kind of way.  It was interesting trying to mesh a graphic style in pants and shoes become one flat shape, but I think the illusion holds.  Here's the one we went with:

      Yeah, I know, she's a pretty lady.

      More sketches and kvetches to come soon!


  1. Woot! I have been waiting for this for a long time! Looking forward to seeing your work online now :)