Sunday, October 17, 2010


OOOOoooo....spoooky monsters! 
My brother and I are in the concept stage of developing a video game based on "Guess Who?"--except with monsters.  The Lyon brothers are so much more boss than the Parker Brothers.   
So, this is a few days into development...I was still trying to find a good voice/style to draw these guys by.  I was overcomplicating basic head shapes thus the stiff features on the upper chars.  After stepping back and taking a deep cleansing breath, I went back to the old, square and triangle and found success when I coupled it with simple, very cartoony features. 

Some of you will understand the momentum you get when it seems the pencil can do no wrong.  Life is scribbled into the page and you feel more like a facilitator than a creator.  Art just comes channelling through you, and you're just trying to get it down on paper before the tap is turned off.  These are great times...

Here was the next set, once I really caught my stride and started playing around with more basic shapes:

    It helps more once you start contextualizing them...make one guy angry, but think of a reason WHY he's angry...maybe someone stole his lunch...maybe someone scissor kicked his momma in the face.  Both of those instances land on different points of the anger spectrum...but both are equally legitimate types of anger.  The more background story your chars have, the more it makes for a solid, layered and tangeable character.

Here's the page I used to loosen up and find a cartoony style.  That's Chris my brother on the bottom right.

Cheers guys,



  1. Your sketches are awesome. What gaming platform(s) are you planning to target?