Thursday, October 21, 2010

Freakiest thing I ever drew...and a word about colour.

      This came from a nightmare after eating too much gelato.
I have to admit, I'm a bit of a chromaphobe...(defined as: scared poopless of colours).  This is a shameful confession...I think back to the Wizard of Oz; at the point in the film where she lands in Oz and everything has gone from old-timey black and white to brilliant new eye-searing technocolor.  The colours assault the viewer, skewing reality and making this new world magical and fantastic.  This is a power only colour has...a power I've mostly steered clear from, mostly due to disinterest though certainly born in fear.
     So, now I play with colour and though it's daunting, I'm filled with joy at even my biggest failures.  This image is soooo much more horrifying with the cotton candy palette rather than some monochromatic greyed out scheme that I'd normally concoct.  I have a tendency to be muddy in the shadows and not push contrasts enough...but identifying one's weaknesses is the first step in eliminating them, so I'm confident I'll improve quickly.
     Anyway, please feel free to comment with your experiences with the POWER OF COLOUR...or creepy gelato nightmare men.



  1. Very weird, certainly creepy. The colours make me thing of weird red and blue tinting of old fashion 3D stuff.

  2. Looking awesome Matt! Just keep cranking them out, the more you do the more you get confident!

  3. DOes look like soemthing drawn and rendered directly from the dream and the REM! Inspiring!