Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year Me Mateys...!

   And so as the new year begins to unfold, we clear the crusty 2010 sleep boogers from our eyes to blink anew in 2011.  It's a budding January and my resolutions have yet to become lies.  So, while I'm promising that THIS YEAR will be the one to get in shape, I might as well throw down blogging regularly, reading at least 20 books this year and maybe even (while I'm amidst delusion) inspiring at least 1 person to draw for fun.

 Well here's at least hoping the blogging bug better bite my butt again...I got a great feeling from starting it last year and I hope to make it interesting this year.  I promise the following:

-More Sketching!
-More Kvetching!
-Less offensive odor!*

*no guarantee

Thanks all and enjoy some old faves of mine from past sketchbooks!